Products and Guidelines at a Glance

At North Mill, our solutions are built around you to ensure you can be there for your customer every step of the way.

Application Only

Loans/leases up to $250,000

North Mill’s signature Application Only (App Only) program is a great option for customers with an immediate need for financing. All we require is a signed credit application and the assets invoice along with its specifications. Period.

App Plus™

Financing available up to $1,000,000

App PlusTM is an ideal solution for customers looking to finance equipment ranging from $150,000 to $250,000 in value. The program also can be used for existing North Mill customers looking to increase their debt up to $250,000.

Refi-Cash Out

Accessing equity in equipment for business capital

A perfect program for businesses looking to leverage the equity in an asset already owned. Your customer can “cash out” the equity, refinance assets with existing liens, or both.

Equipment Look Back

15 years and/or 15,000 hours

We’ve made it easier for customers who opt for pre-owned construction equipment by expanding eligibility for qualified yellow iron. Construction equipment already in operation can be up to 15 years old and/or have 15,000 hours on the clock.

Additional Collateral

Another way to satisfy down payment

For customers who don’t have the cash necessary to meet the down payment for the equipment they hope to purchase, North Mill has a solution – we accept additional collateral* to satisfy the requirement.

* Collateral must be unencumbered, or owned “free and clear.”

Private Party Sales

“Non-dealer financing” for equipment purchases

Through our private party sale program, you can offer your customers “non-dealer financing” if they’re interested in purchasing equipment from another end-user without the participation of an equipment vendor.

The 10-10 program

Reducing the cost of new/recent vintage** equipment

To make new and recent vintage equipment more affordable, North Mill established the “10-10” program. Your customers will enjoy a 10% reduction on interest rate and a 10% reduction on down payment from our standard guidelines.

** recent vintage = current year minus two years

Increased Reefer Hours

A 25% increase in reefer hours

Recent industry enhancements have increased the useful life of refrigerated trailers (“reefers”). North Mill is leveraging these improvements by increasing the number of acceptable hours on the clock to 12,500 for qualified pre-owned units.

Warranty Financing

Finance up to $4,000 in Warranty

Now you can help your customers protect their assets with a warranty: North Mill has raised the financing limit to $4,000 for approved warranties. Best of all, your  customers can roll the cost into their monthly payment.