Advantages of becoming a North Mill Referral Source

At North Mill, our business model is built around the needs of our dedicated referral sources.
Consider the following features, advantages, and benefits to you as a North Mill partner:





Referral source-centric business model
We don't go direct
Your vendors and customers remain your vendors and customers
"Application only" up to $250,000
No need to pull together financials
Save valuable time as deal submission is easy and fast
Wide range of credit qualities accepted
Submit deals from many types of customers
Grow your business as you widen your customer footprint
National in scope
Your business becomes boundryless
Larger footprint yields more opportunity for growth
Fast transaction turn around time
Credit decisions usually made in less than a day
Less chance of losing a customer to a competitor
Challenging credits considered
No need to turn away customers with tough credits
Increase the number of submissions and grow your bottom line
Start-ups / owner operators considered
Place business that other lenders turn away
Increase the number of submissions and grow your bottom line
Loans and leases available to EFA’s, Loans and Leases available
Offer your customers a choice
Raise customer satisfaction and repeat business
"Dedicated" North Mill sales representative
One point to contact at North Mill
No need to memorize multiple names, phone numbers and emails
Experienced management team
We're experts in the equipment finance business
Rest assured knowing you're in good hands
Marketing materials available
Leverage the marketing expertise of North Mill
Good marketing yields increased business