Referral Source Testimonials

At North Mill, we’ve established and nurtured relationships with referral sources from coast-to-coast. Take a look at what they have to say about our firm. Simply click your mouse over a colored box and read the statement on the right.


TURN AROUND TIME:  When it came time to pick a company to work with I asked another source and North Mill came highly recommended. It was the perfect decision! We are very happy with the program.  Their turnaround time is quick – something that’s quite important to us as our customers need answers right away.  Plus the entire staff provides outstanding service.

-Richard W., Irvine, CA

APPROVALS:  With each approval, North Mill sends us a term sheet that outlines all the terms/payments and info needed to get docs generated. This is very helpful. We just fax or email the term sheet to the client, and it saves time typing up an email or fax to send to the client.

-Barbara B., Kingsbury, CA

CREDIT DECISIONS: I’m very impressed with North Mill. Quick credit decisions, fair approval terms, and a streamlined funding process are keys to our success. North Mill has delivered.

-Mike T., Wakefield, MA

SALES REPRESENTATIVES: Our designated account manager is always available to us and is directly responsible for helping us with our dealer and customer relationships, which is vital to our business. She drops everything she is doing to assist us, and if she doesn’t have the answer in a particular situation, she will go find out and get us an immediate response.

-Bob R., Newington, New Hampshire

PRICING: I chose North Mill because of their flexible pricing and down payments that cater to many different client situations. Plus they manage to provide credit decisions in a timely manner and make the overall funding process simple and quick.

-Matt L., Santa Ana, CA

CREDIT QUALITIES: We have plenty of “A-Credit” lenders.  We have plenty of “D-Credit” lenders.  But it’s hard to find a lender that can do multiple credit types, especially one that handles the common “B-C” range customer. North Mill does an excellent job in this market.

-Alex A., Pomona, CA

APPLICATION ONLY PROGRAM:  North Mill has a great application only program and is very quick at issuing approvals. Having a designated sales representatives makes the whole process easier. Their attention to detail and responsiveness allows me to get my questions answered, and the approvals wrapped up in no time.

-David M., Tampa, FL